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Standard Vanity Tops

Standard Selections - Vanity Tops - ITB (Integral Top & Bowl)
Gemstone solid surfaces were created to give your home beauty year after year. No special cleaning products are needed to keep your top looking beautiful day in and day out. Whether you've chosen to do a complete kitchen, island, bath(s), tub or shower surround, tub deck, or one of our molded one-piece vanity tops, they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.ITB The color and pattern run throughout the surface, so minor scratches and stains can be easily repaired by scouring with an abrasive cleaner. For deeper cuts, sandpaper from your local hardware store may be required, but can still be a do-it-yourself project, therefore avoiding costly repairs. Gemstone Solid Surface offers a limited 10-year transferable warranty against defects in material workmanship. Although Gemstone is extremely tough and durable, it can be damaged if abused or mistreated. Please refer to the warranty information and care and maintenance instructions to keep your surface looking like new for years to come.


Note: Gemstone is unique in that we offer our sinks, bowls, and other products in an assortment of colors - not just white & "off white" solid colors.

We have, through trial and error, over many years managed to develop a technique and palette of colors that mimic natural stone. And, like natural stone, particulate colors, especially larger particulate colors, can exhibit slightly uneven particulate distribution. This is not a defect and in no way affects the performance of the products.

Gemstone does not recommend darker colors for sinks or bowls, and reserves the right to refuse to produce dark colored sinks or bowls.


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